Saturday, 24 March 2012

First Workshop: Easter Fun!

There is always a gap between the moment you make a decision and the moment you implement the very same decision. 
A few weeks ago I have decided to dare undertaking a plan that has been on my mind for about a year now. I decided I will give crafting workshops to children. And one week ago I have done it. 
After spending a couple of weeks gathering materials and juggling all possible projects in my head, I made my choice: my presentation workshop would be Crafting Easter Decorations.We made decorated paper eggs which can hang in trees or be glued to windows  and we made chicken filled with yummy chocolate eggs.
I had nine participants in this fisrt worshop, with ages between 3 and 8. Each of them added his/her own personal touch to the projects that I proposed. They all had a lot of fun!
This is who they are:

 And this is what a few of them did and I got to fotograph before if all got hidden away in bags and purses and taken home:

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